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Water atomization: low pressure

Koudwaterverneveling lage druk


Giesmar designs, develops, builds and supplies low pressure systems for the following purposes:

  • Humidification
  • Dust reduction
  • Cooling (adiabatic cooling)
  • Flour dust reduction
  • Odor reduction
  • Funnel atomization
  • Mixer atomization
  • Disinfection


For the low-pressure nozzles of Giesmar you can choose from two types of stainless steel; 304 and 316. If desired Giesmar can deliver low-noise nozzles for low pressure systems in addition to the standard nozzles. Our low-noise nozzles are often used in environments where people work, the so-called “open” environments. Think of working tables, kitchens or preparation rooms in bakeries and slaughterhouses.


The stainless steel nozzles of Giesmar are very suitable for use in a refrigerated environment or for cooling of products where the uniform distribution of the air humidity plays a major role, such as industrial cold storages or cooling paths. The investment for additional cooling efficiency, reduces the drying of the product and energy savings are recouped within a short time.


Our nozzles are also suitable for spraying disinfecting, deodorizing or scenting solution and can function fine with plain water.