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Water atomization: high pressure

Hoge druk koudwaterverneveling


Giesmar is able to build air humidification systems on the basis of high pressure. At high pressure no compressed air is needed, more moisture can be inserted and the high-pressure nozzles make no sound. In addition, the high pressure system delivers energy savings and can easily be placed in small spaces, such as air treatment cabinets.


The stainless steel nozzles are very suitable for use in a refrigerated environment or for the cooling of products, where the uniform distribution of the air humidity plays an important role. Think of ndustrial cooling storage or cooling path. The investment does not only bring you additional cooling, but also reduces the drying of the product and energy savings. Your investment is recouped within a short time.


Giesmar designs, develops and builds plants based on high pressure for the following purposes:

  • Humidification
  • Oven humidification
  • Cooling
  • Odor reduction